A long time ago, in a streaming galaxy far away, there was a rumor that Netflix was bringing a live- action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda to the small screen. As far as we know, that was never true. But it still hasn't stopped fans from daydreaming about the possibilities. Now, the enterprising force known as Megasteakman has taken the Game of Thrones intro and reimagined it as the opening for Game of Hyrule. Says the team behind this cool video.

"The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past world map undergoes a Game of Thrones transformation in this epic, CG intro sequence. Netflix should hire us to do the intro for their 'canceled' Hyrule romp. I hope you guys like it, and remember: in the Game of Hyrule you win... or you look up the answer to that puzzle online."
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Game of Hyrule was imagined by a small group of video editors who obviously want to see Zelda brought to life outside of the video game world. And this definitely has a Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past flavor to it. The video works to draw out the similarities between both the world of Hyrule and the Westeros universe. The two fantasy realms aren't that dissimilar. And there is an attention to detail here the elevates this past just plain old fan video.

Way back in February of 2015, it was widely reported that Netflix was moving forward on a live-action adaptation of Zelda that was being compared to Game of Thrones but for a family audience. At the time, the show was said to be in the very early stages of development. And it matched reports that Nintendo was finally ready to start moving forward on movies and TV shows based on their immensely popular game franchises. At that time, it was said Nintendo and Netflix were working very closely together to ensure that things were done right.

Nintendo has been very protective of its properties over the past couple of decades, especially after the debacle known as the live-action Mario Bros. movie. There was a Zelda animated series that debuted in 1989, but it only lasted one season. It wasn't a month later that the Netflix rumor was called false by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. And he claimed no such show was in development. But there's still hope for a Zelda live-action movie to happen. As early as this past February, it was The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee who teased that Nintendo was getting ready to announce a big tentpole blockbuster that brings Mario, Link, Zelda and more together in one big movie. But we haven't heard any further movement on that front in the last three months.

Nintendo did dip their toes back in the water of live-action entertainment with two recent projects. While Wreck-It Ralph was quite popular, and featured the company's Mario character Bowser, Pixels, which was one of 2015's bigger bombs and featured Donkey Kong in a prominent role along with Mario and the Duck Hunt dog, may have caused Nintendo to retreat back into their hole. However it shakes out, at least we have this reimagined Game of Thrones to tide over our want and need for a Legend of Zelda series.