Netflix has scored yet another coup, bringing in the Workaholics team for their often talked about big screen action comedy. After 6 Seasons on Comedy Central, the guys are finally ready to take the next leap, with Scott Rudin producing Game Over, Man! Seth Rogen has also signed on to produce this high-flying laugh-filled thriller that will arrive in theaters and on Netflix sometime in 2017.

Workaholics is a half hour sitcom that follows the lives of three stoner buddies and their day job at a telemarketing company. Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck co-created the extremely popular show, which has already been renewed for Season 7. The team has been talking about bringing their brand of action and humor to theater screens since the first season debuted. And now, Game Over, Man! is finally happening.

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Game Over has a whole host of producers on board. Along with Seth Rogen and Scott Rudin, the movie has also brought in Seth Rogen's writing, producing and directing partner Evan Goldberg along with James Weaver and their Point Grey banner. Eli Bush is on board via Scott Rudin Productions. With Devine, Holm, Anderson and Newacheck also working on the producer end of things. Isaac Horne is producing on behalf of Avalon Management.

The Workaholics team is collectively known as Mail Order Comedy, and they got their start with comedy skits and shorts on Youtube. While the three main stars have broken out in feature films, starring in a multitude of comedies and dramas over the past several years, this will be their first movie as a group effort. It is an original feature, with the plot being kept under lock and key at the moment. The only plot detail revealed for this action comedy is that it is 'Die Hard in a Hotel'. The title serves as a direct callback to a line of dialogue spoken by Bill Paxton's space marine in the 1986 sci-fi classic Aliens.

Anders Holm wrote the screenplay himself based on a story and ideas that were concocted by the entire foursome as a group. Kyle Newacheck, who directs Workaholics, will direct the feature film and is expected to have a smaller role while Devine, Holm and Anderson take the lead. Seth Rogen is not set to appear in Game Over at this time, but that could change.

It's expected that Workaholics Season 7 will be shot first before the team move onto the movie. Workaholics Season 6 wrapped up this past January. Adam Devine's other Comedy Central series House Party also recently wrapped, and he'll next be seen in the summer comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, starring opposite Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. It will be in theaters this July. Blake Anderson was last seen in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and the coming-of-age comedy Dope. Anders Holmes took on one of several lead characters in this past February's romantic comedy How to Be Single. And Kyle Newacheck recently directed the entire run of House Party, along with episodes of Idiot Sitter and Happy Endings. Game Over, Man! doesn't have a set release date at this time.