Netflix debuts the first trailer for Game Over, Man!. Workaholics, the insanely popular comedy from Comedy Central recently wrapped up it's 7th and final season. The show starring and created by Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newachek became a huge success for Comedy Central during season 2, where the ratings started to soar. The group, collectively known as Mail Order Comedy, shared almost a year ago that they had signed a deal with Netflix to create a big screen action comedy, but little has been revealed since the initial announcement until now.

Netflix posted the first teaser clip of Game Over, Man! via it's Facebook page. The teaser shows Anderson wearing glasses, Holm, and Devine in matching James Bond-style suits lighting cigarettes with toy guns, except Devine's is a real gun. Though the short clip doesn't show anything substantial from the upcoming movie, it does reveal that the actor's personas from Workaholics are firmly in place and that we're in for a hilarious parody of the spy movie genre. Game Over, Man! was written by Holm and Newachek who is also directing, much like how Workaholics was run. The movie is produced by Scott Rudin Productions, Point Grey, and of course, Mail Order Comedy. Along with the teaser, Netflix also shared an April 20th, 2018 release date, which if you're familiar with Workaholics, is a perfect day for the movie to be released.

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Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Kyle Newachek met the at Orange Coast Community College in Orange County, California on the first day of improv class. They soon met Holm from Second City in Los Angeles and started Mail Order Comedy, posting skits online through YouTube. The comedy team has come a long way since their initial drunken pitch meetings. Devine recently hosted the MTV Movie and Television Awards and had recurring role on Modern Family in addition to rest of the crew starring in Hollywood movies and television shows. Game Over, Man! is a long time coming for fans who have been waiting for the so-called Die Hard in a hotel comedy, named after a popular line of dialogue by Bill Paxton's character in the 1986 classic Alien.

Workaholics was picked up by Comedy Central in 2010 after they had seen the Mail Order Comedy skits on YouTube. The main characters on the show were three lovable, college dropouts who worked in a telemarketing office in Rancho Cucamonga and hung out with their eccentric drug dealer friend, Kyle while getting into zany adventures. In addition to launching the careers of the show's main stars, the show also helped launch Jillian Bell's career as well. Bell is starring along side Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, and Zoe Kravitz in the upcoming Rough Night.

Game Over, Man! is all set for it's marijuana day release in 2018 and excitement is high for these three lovable weirdoes. Fans of Workaholics know that they'll be in for a hilarious ride with some unexpected twists from the creators. For fans having a hard time waiting, Comedy Central is set to to release the complete series of Workaholics in a deluxe, 15-disc box set due out June 20th, 2017 that will include many special features and behind the scenes hijinks. You can watch the Game Over, Man! teaser below.