In just under a week, fans will return to Westeros with Season 5 of Game of Thrones, debuting Sunday, April 12 at 9 PM ET on HBO. For readers of George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Fire and Ice, which the series is based on, a much longer wait will ensue, as we hope for word on when his long-anticipated sixth novel, titled The Winds of Winter, will be released. Today, the author shared a new excerpt from this forthcoming book on his official website, which focuses on Alayne Stone, a.k.a. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). If you haven't caught up with the series, or if you haven't read the previously-released samples from The Winds of Winter, there will be Spoilers below.

In the novels, when Baelish (Aidan Gillen) takes Sansa to the Vale, she becomes his bastard daughter, instead of his niece, like in the series. Her true identity isn't known to anyone in the Vale, with Baelish waiting for just the right moment. This excerpt features Alayne being asked by Baelish to help seduce Ser Harrold Hardyng, who would become ruler of the Vale if young Robin Arryn, a.k.a. Sweetrobin dies. Take a look at part of this book excerpt below:

"Come," Petyr said, "walk with me." He took her by the arm and led her deeper into the vaults, past an empty dungeon. "And how was your first meeting with Harry the Heir?"

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"He's horrible."

"The world is full of horrors, sweet. By now you ought to know that. You've seen enough of them."

"Yes," she said, "but why must he be so cruel? He called me your bastard. Right in the yard, in front of everyone."

"So far as he knows, that's who you are. This betrothal was never his idea, and Bronze Yohn has no doubt warned him against my wiles. You are my daughter. He does not trust you, and he believes that you're beneath him."

"Well, I'm not. He may think he's some great knight, but Ser Lothor says he's just some upjumped squire."

Petyr put his arm around her. "So he is, but he is Robert's heir as well. Bringing Harry here was the first step in our plan, but now we need to keep him, and only you can do that. He has a weakness for a pretty face, and whose face is prettier than yours? Charm him. Entrance him. Bewitch him."

"I don't know how," she said miserably.

"Oh, I think you do," said Littlefinger, with one of those smiles that did not reach his eyes. "You will be the most beautiful woman in the hall tonight, as lovely as your lady mother at your age. I cannot seat you on the dais, but you'll have a place of honor above the salt and underneath a wall sconce. The fire will be shining in your hair, so everyone will see how fair of face you are. Keep a good long spoon on hand to beat the squires off, sweetling. You will not want green boys underfoot when the knights come round to beg you for your favor."

You can CLICK HERE to read the full excerpt from George R.R. Martin's upcoming novel, and you can also CLICK HERE to read all of the previously-released excerpts. While we'll have to wait and see when this new book does in fact come out, at least fans get to revisit Westeros on the small screen next weekend. What do you think about this new excerpt?