Game of Thrones fans have a long wait for new episodes. Currently in the midst of production, Season 5 won't debut until early 2015. And we won't get an official look at the acclaimed series' return until closer to the end of this year. If you can't wait that long, an 'unofficial' trailer has hit, and it's pretty great.

Culling moments from the first four seasons, animators Black Metal have recreated a stunning account of what has happened leading into Game of Thrones Season 5. If you've always wondered what a Saturday morning version of the hit fantasy drama might look like, this is as close as we may ever get.

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The 90-second clip remembers significant Game of Thrones moments in animated form, and it serves as the perfect teaser for the impending continuation of this fan favorite series. The video is set to a haunting rendition of 'The Rains of Castamere' and it comes complete with sweeping shots of the Red Wedding, Jon Snow at the Wall and the Battle of the Blackwater.

Take a look as the wait for new Game of Thrones episodes just got a little bit easier: