With Season 5 of Game of Thrones ending last week, in quite shocking fashion, the show's producers are getting ready to start production on Season 6. This will be uncharted territory for both fans of George R.R. Martin's books and the show itself, since this past season caught up to the last book that the author published, back in 2011. Last month, casting breakdowns were released for 12 new characters, although the roles were not identified by name. Today, Watchers on the Wall have gotten their hands on casting breakdowns for 14 more roles that are currently being cast, giving us a better look at what areas of Westeros may be focused on in Season 6. None of these characters have been confirmed by HBO yet, but beware, there may be SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

The first two characters, Qhogo and Akrat, are most likely Dothraki warriors, since the breakdown specifies that they will have to speak in a fictional language. The production is seeking "mixed ethnicity or other non-white actors" for the roles, who need to be, " tall, confident, with swagger and linguistic bravado." In the Season 5 finale, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) found herself surrounded by a horde of Dothraki warriors, after escaping Meereen on the back of her dragon Drogon, so it's possible these two characters are part of the group that comes across Dany.

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The next four characters, Bower, Lachlan, Flynn and Japeth, are part of an "outlaw band," who have turned on their homeland and are "extorting the poor and vulnerable," using religion as a justification for their actions. Lachlan, the group's leader, Flynn and Japeth all appear in two Season 6 episodes, while Bower, a lowly servant connected to the group, will only appear in one episode. There is speculation that this group could be terrorizing the Riverlands, an area where Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) traveled to in the fourth book, to broker peace between the Lannisters and the late Robb Stark's allies. We last saw Jamie on a ship heading from Dorne back to King's Landing, with his daughter Myrcella dying of poison shortly after setting sail. It's possible that Jamie doesn't return to King's Landing at all in Season 6, after Myrcella's death, potentially leading to a reunion between him and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie).

The rest of the characters aren't identified by name, but the roles could offer hints about the show's direction this season. There is a "Legendary Fighter," who carries a famous sword, with the production seeking the best swordsman in Europe for the part. There is also the "Lord of Noble Northern House," described as a large bearded man with a violent temper, who the producers want to tower over the other actors and have a strong Northern English accent. There is also a "Lord of Northern Stronghold," described as "ruthless, calculating and terrifying," who will appear in three episodes. There is speculation that these characters could help Sansa Stark (and possibly Bran and Rickon) take back Winterfell from the Bolton's, but that is not confirmed. There is speculation that one of these characters could be Lord John Umber, but we'll have to wait and see.

Other characters include a "Hunter" appearing in a main action scene, a "submissive maester" in his 20s who has trouble standing up for others, a "green recruit" with just one line, three "sympathizers," a "housemaid" to a large household and a "father" described as an "old alpha male patriarch." All of these characters will appear in just one episode, except for the housemaid, who appears in two. You may recall that Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) left the Night's Watch to become a maester, so perhaps this is one of the characters he comes across. In addition to these casting details, we also have a transcription of an audition scene for a character named Kinvara, the priestess mentioned in the initial casting report. In the scene, Kinvara meets Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Varys (Conleth Hill) for the first time.

You can visit Watchers On the Wall to read the full scene, but we still have no confirmation that these lines will actually be used on the show, or if they were only created for the auditions. It should be noted that a similar audition tape leaked last year for one of the Sand Snake characters, which did use actual dialogue that was used in the show. What do you think about these new details?