GamerNothing could stop Gerard Butler's new action film to hit the high score all on three home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gamer swept the home video charts as the top-selling DVD, top rental and top Blu-ray seller.

Competition was fairly light, with the most notable new release being Weeds: Season 5, which took fourth place on the sales charts behind rock-steady holdovers The Hangover, which jumped from fourth place last week to second place this week, and the animated hit Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which remained in third place.

Gamer was tops on the rental charts, ahead of last week's top rental, The Hurt Locker, with new releases The Invention of Lying and Pandorum debuting in third and fourth place on the rental charts. Those new releases didn't fare so well on the sales charts, though, with Pandorum taking seventh place and The Invention of Lying falling into ninth place on the DVD sales charts.

Gamer completed the sweep with a win on the Blu-ray sales charts and it was reported that a whopping 31% of the title's total units sold came in the 1080p format.