Perhaps you've heard the term Gamergate. But what does it mean, exactly? If you don't live inside the Internet, and are only a casual gamer, chancres are you might not know. Well, a new drama is going to spell out every ugly detail. And it might be told with a big name star at the center of this digital tsunami that quickly turned into a shit show.

Amy Pascal, who knowns her way around an Internet scandal after being the target of a massive Hack at Sony Studios, will be producing this upcoming drama. The Gamergate movie will be written by screenwriters Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum. They will be adapting the memoir of game designer Zoe Quinn titled 'Crash Override: How to Save the Internet From Itself.'

This won't be a small production. And sources close to the project claim that Avengers: Age of Ultron star Scarlett Johansson is wanted for the lead. If she agrees to sign on, she'll play the role of Zoe Quinn, the 'Depression Quest' game creator who was targeted by a digital mob after a blog post from her ex-boyfriend went viral. The incident is what triggered Gamergate, and all the controversy surrounding it.

Zoe Quinn's memoir is being published next September. At this time, there is no start date for the Gamergate movie. And it doesn't have a release date either. No director is attached to the project, but Alex Winter might be a good choice. The star of Bill & Ted 3 has made a name for himself recently directing important documentaries that follow current trends on the Internet.

His 2013 documentary Downloaded explored the downloading revolution, the kids that created it, the bands and the businesses that were affected by it, and its impact on the world at large. His next movie, which is still making the rounds and is a critical hit is Deep Web, a feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted, dangerous and beyond the law. On the feature side of things, he recently directed the comedy Smosh: The Movie, which follows two twenty-somethings who find a portal into Youtube and use it to try and delete an embarrassing video.

'Crash Override: How to Save the Internet From Itself' will take a deep look at gaming culture. And it will fully explore the misogynistic side of this every expanding lifestyle. No further details have been made available at this time. What do you think? Are you interested in learning more about Gamergate and what sparked the controversy? Or does it all leave you feeling cold like an emotionless robot?