Gangs of New York: After what seems like a very long wait we are finally starting to get a look at some good material from this film. Scabs from the press booklet for the film have surfaced. There are some very nice looking shots here. Christmas 2002 can't come soon enough for me.

CLICK HERE to see 18th century New York!

Harry Potter 2 The big news of the day has to do with everyone's favorite pint sized wizard. They have finally released the teaser trailer after a few weeks of teaseing us with audio and screen captures. Head over to our trailer section and dive right in!

Indiana Jones 4: Paramount Pictures President, Sherry Lansing, has talked a little bit about the upcoming Indiana Joes picture. Basically she said they just finished getting the deal done and they have the writer they want. Apparently Spielberg and Lucas are being so closed mouthed about the film that even she doesn't know much about its plot. Well lets all hope this thing gets made soon so we can stop guessing!

He-Man: Just a quick note that there is a very sweet trailer in our trailer section for the new He-Man cartoon trailer! Makes me feel 7 years old all over again!

The Fountain:AICN has posted a very nice article about the long awaited Brad Pitt Sci-Fi film The Fountain. Well worth the read. I am definitely interested to see how this plays out.

Until next time...~Bobby