Because of its violent scene of a group of mobsters shooting movie patrons, the trailer for Gangster Squad was pulled from screenings of The Dark Knight Rises after to the horrific multiplex murders in Colorado this past summer. In an attempt to distance itself from that tragic event, Warner Bros. also moved the film's release date from this past September 7th to January 11, 2013. Marketing on the movie has been null since then, but now, it looks as though it is safe to once again promote this noir thriller about the secret LAPD division set up in the 1940s to take down mob king Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn).

Gangster Squad is directed by Ruben Fleischer, whose previous films include Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less. He recently debuted a number of new behind-the-scenes photos from his drama on W Magazine, offering commentary on each one. You can check out these photos featuring the cast here.

Gangster Squad Photo 1
"This was our very first day of shooting. Josh Brolin plays John O-Mara, a hard-nosed cop headed into the hornet's nest-mob boss Mickey Cohen's HQ. He's trapped in an elevator with two thugs, but he fights his way out.
Gangster Squad Photo 2
"A police chase ends with a crash through a skylight and directly into this studio during a pinup shoot with Bettie Page (played by Nancy McCrumb)."
Gangster Squad Photo 3
"In this scene, Ryan Gosling's character, Jerry Wooters (a cop), introduces himself to Grace Faraday, played by Emma Stone. Obviously they have great chemistry."
Gangster Squad Photo 4
"Me and Nick Nolte, who plays the police cheif, Bill Parker. In the script, he's likened to Richard the Lionheart. Only Nick Nolte could pull that off."
Gangster Squad Photo 5
"One of my favorite locations: Clifton's, a real restaurant that's been in Los Angeles since the thirties. A time warp."
Gangster Squad Photo 6
"It was hard to re-create vintage LA-there are so many tall buildings now. We had to go to the outer reaches of the city, to neighborhoods like Sylmar."
Gangster Squad Photo 7
"A turning point for Ryan Gosling's character: A little kid gets killed by Cohen's assassins in a shoot-out. This is when he decides to get on board-as it says in the script, "the long-sleeping cop comes to life."
Gangster Squad Photo 8
The full squad: Josh Brolin, Robert Patrick, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Ryan Gosling and Giovanni Ribisi. Six amazing actors-and some of the funniest dudes ever assembled."
Gangster Squad Poster