Former Disney chief Michael Eisner is teaming with short film director PES for a new feature revolving around the Garbage Pail Kids.

Michael Eisner will produce through his The Tornante Company, which purchased the trading card company Topps back in 2007. Topps first put out the Garbage Pail Kids trading card stickers in 1985, which spoofed the popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. The cards spawned the 1987 live-action feature The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

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PES will direct from a screenplay by Michael Vukadinovich. Both PES and Michael Vukadinovich hatched the original story together. No production schedule was given.

PES has directed short films such as Western Spaghetti, Roof Sex, and The Animation Show 4. You can take a look at his latest short, Fresh Guacamole below, which was featured on Showtime's Short Stories.