Could a Gargoyles revival series happen on Disney+? While co-creator Greg Weisman has his doubts, he would love the opportunity to do just that. More than anything, Weisman just seems eager to return to that universe, one way or the other. Though, Weisman has his doubts about Disney wanting a revival, suggesting they would probably reboot the show instead.

Greg Weisman was recently interviewed in-depth about Gargoyles. Even though the show only ran for three seasons, it has maintained a loyal fanbase over the years. Weisman, at one point, revealed that he had several ideas for possible spin-offs in the works. During the interview, he was asked which project he would like to do, should Disney+ come knocking. Here's what Weisman had to say about it.

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"The problem with a question like that is that nothing truly exists in a vacuum. If I really had my first choice, I'd be like, 'More than anything else, I just want to take Gargoyles and pick up where it left off, set in 1997, and do this period piece.' But odds are, any discussion along those lines would have parameters: Walt Disney Television Animation or whoever would be like, 'Hey, this is what we're doing.' Or 'This is what we're interested in.'"
"So I could definitely see doing Gargoyles 2198, which launches the story into the future, and has this clean, fresh start. I could see doing TimeDancer, which features one of the breakout characters of the show, Brooklyn, which would allow us to touch on a lot of stuff. Although production-wise, that would probably be one of the harder ones. Really, I'd be thrilled to do any of it. Bad Guys was the actual spinoff that got the furthest."

Gargoyles presented a rich universe for storytelling that was never fully tapped. As Greg Weisman reveals, there are many possibilities. Expanding on his thoughts, the filmmaker suggested that Disney would, most likely, go the reboot route which, admittedly, wouldn't be his top choice.

"My guess is that we'd wind up just doing more of the show. And frankly, my guess is that they'd want to reboot it, just as they've done with Duck Tales, to great success and great effect. And that's not my first choice. I'm not saying I'd refuse, but I'm really proud of the work we did, and I don't think it needs a reboot. I just think we'd like to make more. And in a world with a streaming service, where you've got 65 episodes, I'd just view it as Gargoyles season 3. But those are never decisions I get to make."

During the interview, Greg Weisman also explained that he doesn't own any bit of the show. He receives no royalties and wasn't contacted by Disney+ before the show was added to service. Even so, Weisman loves the series and is happy it can be discovered by new fans. He described it as his "baby."

As we recently reported, Greg Weisman also expressed interest in doing a live-action version of Gargoyles. This is something Get Out director Jordan Peele apparently expressed interest in at one point to Disney as well. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to go anywhere, even though the studio didn't want to him no, but without a yes, it's all the same. This news comes to us via Polygon.

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