Director Garry Marshall's new film Valentine's Day just took the box office by storm this past weekend and it seems Marshall is keen on developing a film version of one of his classic TV series'. Dark Horizons spoke with Marshall who revealed that he is developing a film version of the hit TV show he co-created, Laverne & Shirley. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Now, with this tendency for TV shows to be turned into movies, how much pressure has there ever been on you? Has there ever been anyone who's come to you and said, "Look, we really want to make a film of Happy Days, or go back to any of those shows?" Is that something that you ever consider doing?

Marshall: Oh, yeah. Jamie Foxx is a very funny guy. And he was watching me direct this and that. Then he watched me do some stuff with the girls, and he said, "That's right out of Laverne & Shirley. We should do that movie." So, he and I are actually working on a Laverne & Shirley movie.

Question: Wow. Really?

Marshall: A different spin on it, but we're working on it.

Question: Would you have any of the original girls in cameos?

Marshall: Well, my sister could act pretty well, but they may do a cameo. But we'd recast, and we'd do a different kind of movie. Jamie had this great idea about how to do it more street level, with Laverne & Shirley, because he loved the show. He saw me, he says, "We can do that! We'll get this and that." So, we're talking to people. I can't discuss the people. But, that is a part of it. They always want me to do this or that. We may do it, we may not. Who knows? But I think Jamie wants to do Laverne & Shirley. That could happen. Nobody asked me that, so you can have that.

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