Academy Award winning actor Gary Oldman is being celebrated by fans everywhere in honor of his 63rd birthday. Often referred to as a "chameleon actor" who has an uncanny ability to drastically change his appearance and performance from role to role, Oldman is one of the most accomplished Hollywood stars in history. In addition to earning him an Oscar and a Golden Globe, Oldman's movies have grossed more than $11 billion worldwide, also making the Mank star one of the highest-grossing actors to date.

Fans will recognize Oldman from any number of roles, as the veteran actor has delivered dozens of amazing performances over the years. Some of his most popular roles include Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series, Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy, James Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula. For his role as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, Oldman won the Oscar for Best Actor, and he's up for the honor once again for his performance in Mank.

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In honor of Oldman's birthday, fans have taken to social media to celebrate the actor's work and their favorite roles. Wherever people might appreciate Oldman from the best, everyone is hoping that the accomplished actor is having a wonderful 63rd birthday.

"Thank you for Sid, for Dracula, Drexl, Norman, Sirius and so many more. Happy birthday to one of the true greats, the living legend that is Gary Oldman," one fan writes on Twitter.

"I looked in the mirror and wished Gary Oldman a happy birthday today," another fan said. "He's such a chameleon, I could be him playing me right now."

Another Oldman fan writes: "March 21st!! The day my all time favorite actor celebrates his 63rd birthday. Happy birthday Gary Oldman. Absolute legend and I hope he'll continue acting for a very long time."

"Gary Oldman's birthday. WOW! Happy birthday," says one tweet. "I've seen you in so many memorable roles and people we should hate but don't. We LOVE every character that you bring to life. Drexel Spivey, Sid Vicious, and Winston Churchill are all characters that can be done by no one else EVER!"

Posting a photo of Oldman, another fan writes: "Happy birthday, GOD! Happy birthday, KING! Happy birthday, Gary Oldman!"

And another huge fan tweeted: "i'm sending my love and good wishes to gary oldman from the bottom of my heart for his birthday and for portraying one of my comfort characters, n favorite from hp, sirius black so beautifully, no one could've done it like that but you, thank you so much you're amazing i love you."

Any fan of Oldman will want to check him out in his latest movie Mank, which was released on Netflix in December. Written by Jack Fincher and directed by David Fincher, the movie stars Oldman as Citizen Kane co-writer Herman J. Mankiewicz. A big hit with critics, the movie is up for a plethora of Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Oldman, Best Supporting Actress for Amanda Seyfried, and Best Director for David Fincher. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix. Happy birthday, Gary Oldman!