Gary Oldman has been all over the map in recent months, offering up Q&As about his Oscar nominated performance (his first ever) in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. While in New York recently, the actor talked about working with his friend Michael Caine on The Dark Knight Rises.

It was revealed that Alfred and Jim Gordon have an emotional scene together, with Oldman offering some insight into Michael Caine's approach to acting, hinting that the man would rather be playing cricket than playing butler.

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Here is what Gary Oldman had to say about working with Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises.

"Watching Michael Caine work, as Alfred, was a great lesson for me. Just focus, concentration. He has this emotional scene; I'm kidding you not. It was tears and the whole thing. And it's, 'Take one'. He got it. 'Take 2', got it. 'Take three', got it. He's just on the money. Every single time. It's just extraordinary. You get inspired by it.

He loves cricket. He loves soccer, so he comes to the set and wants to get it done. He doesn't f**k around because he wants to get back to cricket."