Trying to get information from Gavin Hood about what will occur in Wolverine is nearly as difficult as trying to break the title mutant's bones - nigh impossible. That didn't stop MTV from trying, however.

While it is certain that Hugh Jackman will return to star, getting confirmation about any other characters has proven more elusive. When asked if Brian Cox will return to the role of Stryker, a role he originated in X2: X-Men United, Gavin responded playfully "Who knows?"

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What was Gavin willing to say about the film?

"We're doing more of a prequel," Hood said of his plans to portray a time expanding on those early flashbacks, up until when Logan first meets Professor Xavier's crew. "We're going to tell you a little more about Wolverine before he became involved in the X-Men. Even before he got those steel claws."

Gavin also was free in discussing his love of the character. "What I love about Wolverine is his dry, wry humor, and what I also love is the fact that he's a great antihero. He has a great line where he says, 'I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice.' "

Wolverine's origin has been one of the most questioned and revised in the history of Marvel comics. We can only hope that this film will explain the starring character from the X-Men film franchise in a more concise manner. Hints were given in X2: X-Men United that Stryker was responsible for the experiment which gave Logan his adamantium skeleton and claws, but details were left vague.

One final statement from Gavin Hood should fill any fan with confidence, as the up-and-coming director discusses the nature of the character:

"As a director who's always been very interested in human drama and human nature, Wolverine appeals to me because it's a character who is constantly engaged in a battle to define who he is. You're dealing with somebody who is engaged in a moral questioning of his own nature. ... It's a grand, operatic debate about human existence over who we are."

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