Writer-director Gavin Hood's sci-fi script Ender's Game, which is an adaptation of the Orson Scott Card novel, is currently shopping for studios around Hollywood, reports Heat Vision.

The 1985 novel is set in a future where the Earth is under attack by an insect-like race and mankind has created a battle school to train fighting forces. In this environment enters Ender Wiggin, a kid who is tormented by bullies and an older brother but proves to be a master at a three-dimensional, zero-gravity laser tag-like game. That sets him on a path as a possible savior of the human race.

The novel won a Nebula Award as well as a Hugo Award and was followed by five books. Marvel Comics also adapted the novels into the four-color world.

Warner Bros. to Disney to Sony have all had their hands on the script, but no studio has yet to signed on.

No production date has been set.