Lifetime gives viewers the chance to put their women's intuition to the test in Gay, Straight or Taken?, a new series that puts a modern twist on the traditional dating show where one woman meets three men and through a series of dates, must decide who is gay, straight or already taken. Ultimately, she must select the one single man in order to win a luxurious dream prize for two or the prize goes to the man she incorrectly chooses, it was announced today by Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment, Lifetime Networks. The series will premiere Monday, January 8, 2007 from 8:00 - 9:00 PM with two half-hour episodes on Lifetime Television.

"I'm excited that we've found a new take on the popular reality dating show genre with Gay, Straight or Taken? said Daniels. Adding, "And, for the record, I couldn't tell who was gay, straight or taken myself in the pilot!"

"We're always seeking to bring relatable programming to audiences," said David Goldberg, President of Endemol USA. "This show really turns stereotypes on its head. It's a fun, wholly original spin on the dating show model, and I think Lifetime is the perfect place for this series."

"Everyone believes they're masters at reading people," said executive producer Joe Livecchi. "This is the kind of show you watch with friends and yell at the television because you think you've got it figured out. No one will know for sure who's who until the very last minute. That's what makes it so much fun."

In each half-hour episode, one eligible single woman meets three men: one is in a relationship, one is gay and one is single. The woman spends time and interacts with each man in both group and one-on-one settings, hoping to gather enough information by listening and observing as they vie for her affections. In the end, she must determine who is gay, straight and taken. If she chooses the straight single guy, she wins an exotic trip for two with him. If she chooses wrong, the man she selects wins the trip with their significant other. In the premiere episode, 27-year-old realtor Jenner has three eligible suitors to choose from: Luciano, 32, an athletic and handsome bartender; Mike, 25, a down-to-earth club promoter and Chris, 34, a gregarious personal trainer. Through a series of activities with the men, including touch football, swimming, salsa dancing, yoga and massage, Jenner looks for clues about the men. Will she know who is gay, straight or taken? Will you?