The Gears of War movie has some new life. Universal has tapped F. Scott Frazier to pen the screenplay for the video game adaptation, which has been gestating for a couple of years now. Frazier previously penned last year's xXx: Return of Xander Cage, as well as The Numbers Station and Collide. Should his draft of Gears of War get the go-ahead from the studio, it would easily be his most high-profile project to date.

Avatar 2 writer Shane Salerno had signed on to write the screenplay in May of last year, but he ultimately chose not to pursue the project. Universal is now heading in a different direction with it. F. Scott Frazier is writing the entire screenplay. Universal initially acquired the rights to the blockbuster video game franchise from Microsoft in 2016. Development has been a bit slow up to this point, but the studio sees franchise potential in it. And for good reason.

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The first Gears of War was released in 2006 and went on to become one of the highest-selling titles for the Xbox 360. The franchise now consists of five games, with the most recent title being Gears of War 4. To date, the five games have sold more than 22 million copies and have grossed more than $1 billion globally. The franchise has also been expanded to a series of comic books and five novels. With that, it seems destined for the big screen and has about as good of a shot as any video game at becoming a successful movie franchise. Though, Hollywood's troubles in successfully turning video games into movies, both critically and commercially, have been well documented.

Gears of War mostly follows the story of Marcus Fenix and his battle to save the world from the monstrous subterranean Locust Horde, as well as their mutated counterparts, the Lambent and the Swarm. Fenix was the subject of the first three games, with the fourth installment serving as a prequel taking place years before the original. The most recent release, Gears of War 4, follows Fenix's son JD 25 years after the end of the third game, who is doing battle with a newly resurrected Locust Horde. Like father like son. Previously, Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista expressed interested in playing Marcus Fenix in the movie.

Executive Vice President of Production Jon Mone and Creative Executive Mika Pryce are overseeing the project for the studio. Dylan Clark (War for the Planet of the Apes)) will produce alongside Gears of War co-creator Rod Fergusson. Scott Stuber (Ted) is set to executive produce. At the present time, there is no word on who may be tapped to direct, nor is there word on casting yet, but with a new script in the works, we could be hearing word on that front in the relatively near future. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any new developments come to light. This news was first reported by The Wrap.