In an interview with Total Film, Gemma Arterton let it slip that she will be starring opposite Andrew Garfield in Capa, a biopic about combat photographer Robert Capa directed by Michael Mann:

This year's been intense, but next year's going to be... intenser! [Laughs] I'm attached to about nine projects but I'm not sure which one's I'm allowed to talk about.

But I'm aiming for even more diversity. Capa [biopic about the combat photographer Robert Capa] is confirmed, so I should be working with your hottest actor, Andrew Garfield! [Garfield is lined up to play Capa, Arterton plays his partner, Gerda Taro, the first female photojournalist to cover the front lines of a war] and of course there's Clash 2...

And, fingers crossed, I'll be working with Michael Winterbottom on London Fields and then there's... actually, no, I better stop. You're going to get me into trouble... But thanks for the award!"

Based on Susana Fortes' award-winning novel, "Waiting for Robert Capa", the film centers on the relationship between a young German woman called Gerta Pohorylle and a young Hungarian man called Endre Friedmann from when they met in Paris in 1935 until she died in the Spanish Civil war in 1937. Both communists, Jewish, exiled and photographers, they decided to change their names in order to sell better their works and so became Gerda Taro (as an hommage to the Japanese Taro Okamoto) and Robert Capa (a mix of Robert Taylor and Frank Capra, so he could seem to be an American photographer). With these new identities, they arrived in Spain to inform about the Civil War.

No production date has been set.