While we've heard plenty of rumored story details in regards to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, no solid plot information has been confirmed other than that Bruce Wayne will somehow interact with the alien Kal-El, and at some point Wonder Woman will be brought into the mix. A new unconfirmed report claims that General Zod's (Michael Shannon) body will actually serve as a key plot device used to set up one particular character's motivation.

Stop reading now if you want to avoid MAJOR SPOILERS...

GeekTyrant claims that an extra working on the Detroit set of director Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice walked away with some important new plot details.

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According to this mysterious extra, who was on set for a total of ten days, the movie's ending has already been shot. One of the important scenes in this climax finds Batman (Ben Affleck) sneaking into LexCorp to steal some Kryptonite. It is here that Bruce Wayne discovers villain Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) has acquired the corpse of General Zod.

The extra explained that the beginning of Batman v Superman picks up moments after Kal-El and Zod's climactic Man of Steel fight, which destroyed most of Metropolis, and this is why we've seen so much damage in recent set photos. When we first meet Bruce Wayne, he is attempting to make his way to Wayne Tower, which rests in the heart of the city.

It is not yet known why Lex Luthor has Zod's body, but he could be using it to study Kryptonian biology. Badass Digest confirm that General Zod is in the possession of Lex Luthor. They go onto explain Luther's plan, but again, this hasn't been confirmed by the studio:

Lex has been gathering pieces and debris from the World Engine and he has used them to synthesize Kryptonite. Meanwhile he has also gotten ahold of Zod's corpse, and it is the key to his master plan to defeat Superman. He uses that tissue to... well, that would be spoiling. But Superman hasn't been defeated many times in the past. You can probably connect the dots from here.

The question of where General Zod's body wound up in Man of Steel is never answered, so its possible that Lex could have his corpse hidden away. What do you think of these latest story details? Sound legit?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange