Ever since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to live up to expectations from fans, critics and the top brass at Warner Bros., the studio has been shifting things around quite a bit. One of the major moves that was made was promoting comic book writer turned producer Geoff Johns to Chief Creative Officer, who was put in charge of overseeing DC Films. It looks like there was a little more to that promotion than we initially thought, as a new report claims that he has also added President to that title.

A new report from Comicbook.com has confirmed the report, which originally surfaced over the weekend during San Diego Comic-Con. According to the report, this title does not replace his title as Chief Creative Officer, but is an additional title to go along with it. Johns' new official title is Chief Creative Officer & President, and he will be reporting directly to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson.

DC has not commented on the reported promotion, but according to the report, the promotion isn't a brand new thing. Supposedly the studio decided to give Johns the title and promotion several months ago when the initial round of restructuring took place, but no announcement of the title or additional responsibilities was made. The news makes sense, as everything that Johns has been doing for DC seems to be working. His recent work on the Rebirth comic book line has been incredibly well received and has sold very well. Not only that, but he also has a big hand in The CW DC Comics TV universe, helping get The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow off the ground, which have all been very successful.

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Even though the promotion was only announced several months ago, it is clear that Johns has been a driving force for the DC Extended Universe behind the scenes. It recently came to light that he co-wrote the Wonder Woman script with Allan Heinberg, and based on the early reaction to the trailer, that very well could be a massive hit. He has also been co-developing the new Batman movie with Ben Affleck, and he developed the story for Aquaman with director James Wan. It is very clear that Johns has a very heavy hand in forming the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Things have definitely been off to a rocky start at Warner Bros. in terms of developing their DC Comics movie universe, but having Johns in charge may help unify the creatives behind it and help to right the ship. Much like Marvel Studios has Kevin Feige at the helm, it looks like Warner Bros. is putting a lot of trust in Geoff Johns to be the guy moving forward. We will be sure to keep you updated as new details emerge.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott