Without George A. Romero, we probably wouldn't have The Walking Dead, or any of the many zombie movies that currently plague the horror movie landscape. He is considered the Godfather of the genre. One that has stood the test of time. Sadly, the master of the Living Dead passed away earlier this year. But fans can help keep his memory alive by donating to a worthy cause. Getting the man a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

George Romero's influence on the modern horror landscape is undeniable. And it's almost unthinkable that he doesn't already have a star cemented into the sidewalk at Hollywood and Highland, where any number of individuals creep around in Romero-inspired zombie costumes taking photos with tourists for a dollar tip. Romero was very close to getting his star before he passed away. But it didn't happen.

Last summer, it was announced that George A. Romero would be getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But the bad news is that it takes quite a bit of money to secure one of these stars, and Romero was in the process of trying to produce a new zombie movie called Road of the Dead, which has been described as a Mad Max meets the Living Dead mash-up that turns zombies into NASCAR drivers. He was also planning a number of other movies that his longtime collaborator Matt Birman promises will get finished in honor of the Romero legacy.

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Fans want to see George get the star he deserves, but money needs to be raised in order for that to happen. Since his death, an Indiegogo campaign has been set up in his name. And it has the full support of actor Malcolm McDowell, who was a close friend of the filmmaker. Now, they are hitting the beat, trying to raise the money to make this happen. Fans are being called forth to help George A. Romero get the star he was already rewarded. Matt O'Neill has organized the campaign. And he says this about helping secure that Hollywood star for George.

"As you may be aware, George A. Romero was nominated and selected to receive his, long over due, star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this October.  The enormous costs associated with this honor are well over $60,000 (including the price of the actual star, and star reception events). We are turning to you who knew and loved George for help to complete our star completion fund. Please look at our Donation Levels for the benefits you will receive. Your assistance in this great celebration, honoring this wonderful man, is truly appreciated."

The campaign is striving to reach $35,000. As of now, they only have reached 4% of that goal, collecting a combined contribution of $1,482 from 45 in over 19 hours. These numbers will surely raise as word spreads. If you'd like to help George A. Romero be cemented in Hollywood history, quite literally, you can check out the Indiegogo page for yourself at generosity.com. You can check out what Malcolm McDowell has to say about this in the video below.

B. Alan Orange