Magnum PI:Greg's Previews over at Yahoo! posted some interesting casting rumors today about the big screen adaptation of Magnum PI...

Over the last decade or so that this movie has been in development, there have been two top contenders for the role of Thomas Sullivan Magnum, who have been mentioned in both official and rumored capacities at various points: Tom Selleck himself and George Clooney. That choice of whether to make the movie a continuation or a restart with a new cast appears to be the crux of the film's development. There have been recent rumors that Imagine Entertainment was considering going with Selleck after all, but I've received *more* recent information that George Clooney is not only the top choice, but close to signing. My anonymous source also provides us with our first indication as to who might end up playing Magnum's helicopter-flying buddy, Thomas "T.C." Calvin: LL Cool J. Apparently, LL has met recently about playing T.C., was received positively by Bryan Grazer and is the top choice for the role. The identities of the actors who might play Rick and Higgins are not yet known.
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.