Pet Semetary Remake:Mediasharx recently recived a scoop reagrding some possible casting rumors revolving around the newly proposed Pet Semetary remake...

A writer friend, [name withheld], has won the jewel gig of reworking Stephen King - Dicky Bachman's PET SEMETARY book/film for the Alphaville crowd, he's got that and a film version of the book THE BOOK OF SKULLS lined up. But PET SEMETARYsounds good, and it's being written as a potential vehicle for George Clooney!. Yep, they want Clooney to play Doc Cage. When I first heard it, I was a little concerned but after thinking about it I realised it might just worked. That charisma, that versatilty he seems to have as an actor....he might make it one remake worth watching. And erase the memory of that horrible sequel!. Originally, the studio was looking for a screenwriter to do a second sequel to the first film, but obviously with all the rage in horror remakes right now they're going with the commonplace do-over.

As far as I know, the storyline is pretty much going to be the same - though with folks like Clooney involved (should he sign), it'll probably be more about performance than scares. Or a bit of both.

The other film, THE BOOK OF SKULLS, is about four guys that come across an 'army of darkness' like text that possesses the power of immortality.

Time will tell if the scoop turns out to be true. Stay tuned...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.