This is one of the most exciting things to come around in film making in a long time. The debate has been going on for a couple of years now. Film or Digital...which looks better?

Now, for those of you who don't know, film is developed chemically and requires alot of skill to get everything looking just the way you thought it should when you shot it. In today's day and age we have a thing called Telecine which allows us to distort and tweak any chemically developed film just the way we want it. So what's all the fuss about?

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Movie PictureYears back filming digitally was introduced to the world. It represented a new way of seeing your movie as you shot it, a better contrast of colors, clarity, and depth of field, as well as a much more effective way of actually shooting your film. What is filming digitally all about?

What we take in from the camera is stored digitally instead of on celluloid. What this allows one to do is have digital files of completely in sync with audio and a timecode, and since the footage is digital movies such as Star Wars can benefit greatly from the method of getting that footage into the computer to add your effects shots.

When filming digitally was introduced to the world it wasn't perfect, that is, until now. Lucasfilm and Sony have been working on Digital Film cameras quite some time and have started implementing the use of the cameras to shoot the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. Some obstacles they had to overcome with making these cameras were everything from issues with lenses to frames per second. All this to get digital film to feel just like the movies we've watched since the dawn of time, BUT making them look, sound, and feel better then ever before! The "Futuristic 2001" way of experiencing a movie!

Learn more about what other film makers like Robert Rodriguez have to say about the whole thing and if anything, WATCH THE VIDEO STRAIGHT FROM GEORGE LUCAS! It has tons of info on the subject as well as really cool Episode II sequences and characters in it!

I personally feel that this is huge! I am a very big supporter of the format and can't wait to see the results in next year's biggest flick! Star Wars Episode II! Go Jar Jar! Ha!

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