Indiana Jones 4: According to Variety, Indiana Jones is getting a makeover...again.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have hired Jeff Nathanson to give the fourth installment of the serial another try.

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Aside from writing the Rush Hour action comedies, Nathanson has a track record with Spielberg. He wrote Catch Me If You Can and co-scripted The Terminal.

If Nathanson delivers a draft that clicks with Lucas, Spielberg and star Harrison Ford, Spielberg would still have to make the pic a priority to get it into production any time soon.

After doing War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, the helmer had planned to return to the Eric Roth-scripted drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist tragedy that he had in the works. Angels in America scribe Tony Kushner is rewriting Roth's script.

The Indiana Jones project seemed all but dead in February when Paramount Pictures called off a summer production start because a script turned in by Frank Darabont didn't get a unanimous thumbs-up from Lucas, Spielberg and Ford.

The trio has worked toward a fourth Indy film for a decade, with the understanding that each had to approve the script or they wouldn't go forward.

The February setback prompted Spielberg to concentrate on the Munich project, which he later postponed to make War of the Worlds. Lucas turned his attention to completing the third installment of the Star Wars series and Ford read scripts. He now is preparing to star in The Wrong Element.

The trio has decided once again to resurrect their swashbuckling archaeologist through Nathanson, who takes the job after making his feature directorial debut on The Last Shot, a comedy based on a true story of FBI agents who posed as film financiers to crack a crime.

Ford is scheduled to follow The Wrong Element with the Lightstorm-produced Godspeed, a drama about a crisis on an international space station.