When Disney announced that Star Wars: Episode VII is in development, as part of its $4 billion acquisition of LucasFilm, many wondered how big a role franchise creator George Lucas will have in this highly-anticipated sequel. The man himself recently spoke about his "consultant" role on the follow-up, revealing he isn't too involved with the film.

"[If the filmmakers ask],'Who's this guy?' I can tell them. I mean, they have a hundred encyclopedias and things, but I actually know a lot. I can say, 'This is this and this is that.' Basically I'm not - I don't really have much to do."
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It isn't known how closely he is working with screenwriter Michael Arndt at this time. We reported last month that Steven Spielberg said he isn't interested in directing this long-awaited follow-up. George Lucas also revealed that his longtime friend probably won't change his stance on directing the sequel..

"I'm pretty sure he'd never want to do that! I don't think he'd want to."