MTV News caught up with George Lucas about his upcoming plans to make both a Star Wars CG-animated and live-action television series:

With his prequels behind him, Lucas has shifted his attention to two daring projects that could bring tie-fighters, tauntauns and Tatooine to a new generation of imaginers. First among them is a largely 3-D animated show very different from the recent, slick Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars cartoons but set throughout the same epic battles. "We've got a number of episodes finished now," he promised. "It looks really good. It's a lot of fun.

"It's that same time period," Lucas added of the show, which is being shopped to various channels. "But it's quite a bit more sophisticated, and it's not like anything you've ever seen on television before. ... [Tartakovsky] used his distinctive 2-D style to do [Clone Wars], but it was two minutes at a time, so it was a test-subject kind of idea. It worked and everything, but then we knew we were eventually going to do a 3-D animated series."

In 2007, Lucas will begin work on a live-action Star Wars show set during the 18-year gap between Episodes III and IV. "We haven't started yet; I start that next year," the filmmaker said, adding that he's determined to write an entire first season before shooting begins on the show that will star "background" characters from that time period.

"None of the Skywalker story, none of that stuff is in there," he explained, shooting down any depiction of a young Han Solo acquiring the Millennium Falcon or running with Lando Calrissian. "It's completely different. The animated series has got all the characters in it. The one that comes after, the live-action one, is with people who were in 'Star Wars,' but they're not the main characters."

Lucas said the plot will be steered by characters such as Tie-Fighter or Rebel pilots, most only briefly glimpsed in the six Star Wars films.

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