Star Wars On DVD: There is a disturbance in the force. George Lucas isn't handling the world's beloved Star Wars films the way the majority of the fans would like him to.

Last night marked an event called the "ILM tribute with George Lucas" at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre. Mr. Lucas talked about many things at last night's ILM tribute. The most disappointing of all subjects covered was the fact the Lucas stated that the orginal theatrical relases of the original trilogy will NEVER see a DVD release. This means fans will be left with the late 90's special edition versions of each film.

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Of course this news will be very disheartening to many purists, and I garuntee we'll be seeing some type of online petition soon.

Thanks to the guys over at, you can hear the horrible news flop out of George Lucas' mouth for yourself! CLICK HERE

Thanks to 'Robert'

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