George Miller told the Australian radio talk-show "Sunrise" that he is now officially uninvolved with Warner Brother's Justice League film. A scooper told Dark Horizons that Miller spoke about both that film and his proposed Mad Max 3.

As far as Justice League goes, Miller says that not only is he off the film, but he suspects that his script and casting are out the window as well. Miller suggested that he believes that Warner Brothers wants bigger stars for their superhero films. Although Miller didn't say this, if we're lucky, what he means is that Warner Brothers plans to follow in Marvel's footsteps, and will use actors from existing superhero films when they bring the characters together for Justice League.

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Regarding Mad Max 3, Miller said that Mel Gibson has turned down the script, but that he would like to work with Gibson again. He also reveals that he hasn't given up hope for a third Mad Max 3 movie.