Moviehole caught up with Happy Feet director George Miller who spoke about a possible 4th Mad Max film and a 3rd Babe film:

"I've had a number of young well-known actors express a lot of interest", says Miller ... "They have to want to push the limits - they have to be lean and hungry".

Contrary to belief, Miller won't have to re-write the character for a younger actor - because the film isn't a prequel perse, but merely another chapter in Max's life.

Warner Bros may not necessarily make the next Mad Max film. "There's a lot of appetite for it - there's definitely been enquiries from more than one studio."

Mad Max IV: Fury Road was set to film in 2002, but due to "the war, and the American dollar collapsing, and ultimately losing over twenty-percent of our budget" it collapsed. It was then that Miller knew he'd never get Mel Gibson interested again if the film ever did get up again.

Although he is trying to get Mad Max IV: Fury Road back up, it won't be his next film. Says Miller, "I'd like to do it, but before then I have a smaller film I'd like to do."

And for the record, Mad Max IV: Fury Road mightn't be the only sequel in Miller's future - he's also discussing doing another Babe movie.

"There's already some serious talk about it", confirms Miller. "It's certainly in the wind in one form or another".

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