Mad Max 4: Thanks to a scooper over at Dark Horizons, we have a transcription of an interview with director George Miller that took place in the latest edition of First Magazine.

"We're almost done on the script, and we hope to get filming early in the year. Yes Mel's back on board (in response to his payment) He's worth every cent. I mean would you watch a Mad Max film without Mel?". In terms of casting - "We've a bit of a way to go there. But Mel has an idea to put Robert Downey Jr. - who I adore by the way - in a role, and I myself would love to see some of the faces from the earlier films return be it Tina Turner, Emil Minty..."

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: Claire Daines talked with our parent affiliate, UGO, last week about her role in the new Terminator film:

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UGO: Did you emulate Sigourney Weaver in Aliens?

CD: I do have awesome lines. But I'm sworn to secrecy. I'm pretty impressive in it.

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UGO: Who was more threatening to work with: The exoskeleton, or Meryl?
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CD: The skeleton. In Terminator, I played most of my scenes to a piece of yellow tape in front of a green screen. When audiences first see the movie, that will be the first time I've seen in it. The director, Jonathan Mostow, is a really good action director. He understands suspense and tension. It's going to be a really cool, fast chase.

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UGO: Would you do another Terminator movie?
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CD: Well, I'm contracted to. I don't know if I'm going to make it a habit to pursue all the franchises, but I really loved doing as many different kinds of movies as possible. I haven't been too stereotyped and I'm grateful for that.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 2003's main bad guy, Christopher Lee, has stated an interesting fact on his official website about the casting of the new 'Dumbledore' in the next harry Potter film. The statement reflects that though UK tabloid, The Sun, is reporting that Ian McKellen has been cast as Hogwart's head wizard, the statements are in fact untrue.

Stay tuned for more on these casting details...

The Polar Express: Tom hanks recently spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times about his next role in director Robert Zemeckis's The Polar Express.

"It will be odder than odd and more miraculous than miracles," Hanks says. "It's a 35-page picture book about a quest and what Christmas really means. It's much larger than most of your holiday movies for kids." Hanks will play the conductor "and maybe 19 other roles," he says. "I don't know how Bob is doing it exactly. But Bob gets his teeth into something and spins around like a dervish and we'll all just try to hang on."

According to the article, Hanks plans to team with the Coen brothers next summer to remake the Ealing comedy Lady Killers.

"I think I'm playing the lady," he jokes. "Actually, it's a remake of all those Ealing comedies, which were fabulous, low-budget black and white films."

Daredevil:Clerks director, Kevin Smith, has seen Daredevil. He talks about it in his latest "Jersey Girl" diary over at Movie Picture

Jersey Girl: New pics straight from Kevin Smith himself are now online! Check out Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and Jason Biggs among others. CLICK HERE

Cat In The Hat: The official teaser site is now online. CLICK HERE

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Stay tuned to as Fox own the rights and promises the official movie site soon...

Tons of new photos are online today...don't miss out!

Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas: 2 new shots from the upcoming animated flick are up at Latino Review. CLICK HERE

The Recruit:Latino Review has also posted some new shots from the upcoming Colin Farrell / Al Pacino drama, The Recruit. CLICK HERE

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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind: New pics of the production are up at Cinescape! CLICK HERE

Ned Kelly:Dark Horizons has posted new stills from the upcoming Ned Kelly film which stars Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom:

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Spy Hunter:Ain't It Cool has posted some photos of the models of the "Interceptor Jet Ski Morph" and the "Interceptor Bike Morph" which will be featured in the upcoming Spy Hunter film. CLICK HERE

Lord Of the Rings: Return of The King: Don't forget to check out the images we posted this morning of the transformation of 'Smeagol' into 'Gollum' in the Lord Of The Rings films, courtesy of! Movie Picture

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