Director George Miller's intensely beautiful sequel in his Mad Max franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road, lit up big screens everywhere back in 2015. The movie went on to be considered not only one of the best of the year, but one of the best of all time, reminding audiences everywhere what a great moviemaker George Miller really is.

Well, his next movie sounds like something of a departure from the dry deserts of the postapocalyptic wastelands, with his upcoming Three Thousand Years of Longing sounding like a more adult, warped version of Disney's Aladdin.

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Three Thousand Years of Longing follows a lonely British woman, who has decided to go on a vacation to Istanbul. While there, she accidentally finds a bottle that contains a wish-granting Djinn - giving her the chance to change her life with three wishes. George Miller is set to write and direct the upcoming movie. Currently, as with many other high-profile releases, production on the movie has been delayed in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

With regards to further details surrounding Three Thousand Years of Longing, they are few and far between, though we do know that Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will be starring in the movie. Swinton will no doubt be taking on the role of the "lonely British woman", with her being both British and woman (and possibly feeling a bit lonely thanks to self-isolation), with Elba playing the role of the "wish-granting Djinn". Though who the actors are playing has not yet been confirmed this seems to be the most likely route. George Miller has spoken about the movie recently, giving a few more details about some of the story's themes.

"I guess I'm hardwired to story in some way, and for me what happens is, stories seed in your head and they rattle around. It becomes rather Darwinian, survival of the fittest: the ones that have the most comprehensive promise are the ones that survive. This story I have been working on and thinking about for at least 15 years. There would always be several of these stories in my mind and it's interesting, the ones that tend to fall away and why they fall away. The ones that are more insistent are usually so because they tick a lot of boxes and organically do a lot of things."

For those fans desperate for a return to the dangerous world of Mad Max, Miller has previously confirmed that once he has finished work on Three Thousand Years of Longing he will be returning to the insanity of the desert. This will be in the form of a prequel based around Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron's character in Mad Max: Fury Road, with Killing Eve star Jodie Comer rumored to be in talks to star alongside Game of Thrones' Richard Madden.

It is unclear at this time when production on Three Thousand Years of Longing will begin production as the world is still under the cloud of the coronavirus, but it certainly has our interest peaked. This comes to us from Deadline.