Dead Reckoning: Thanks to a recent in store appearance of writer/director George Romero at Wild & Woolly Video, some new scoops on what's happening with the next Romero zombie flick are here:

On those pending legal matters that are keeping the 4th zombie film from being made:

"When we made the original film," Romero told us, "we titled it Night of the Flesh Eaters. We registered that title with the copyright office, but at the last minute the producers changed the title to Night of the Living Dead and neglected to copyright the new title, leaving us without rights to our own film, which is why you see so many people putting it out on video and DVD all the time." He continues, "The 1990 remake directed by Tom Savini was an attempt to reclaim some of the rights." It wasn't entirely successful in that regard.

Romero on the storyline of the next film:

"It's about ignoring the problem. After the events in Day of the Dead, the remaining survivors are living in exclusive gated communities that protect them from the dead outside. They attempt to live normally while ignoring the problem in the world outside their walls." It has been hinted in the media that this storyline was Romero's take on the homeless problem in America. "The real horror and adventure comes into play with the group of people living in the gated city whose job it is to leave the safety of the city and venture out into the dead wasteland to gather supplies and things."

Thanks to DH for the heads up!