Diamond Dead: Producer Andrew Gaty (Heart of Midnight), Director George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and Composer Richard Hartley (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) are working to bring The Diamond Dead (a rock/horror/comedy) to the screen. What makes this project any different from any other project in the works right now? It's simple; their foresight to involve Cameron Multimedia, Inc. to launch what is becoming a tremendous internet success story.

Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to see and be a part of the entire filmmaking process. Regularly updated diary entries from the makers, live chats. Q&A along with contests and downloadable goodies will help to make this open forum style of filmmaking a success.

DiamondDead.com went live with their first revision on Dec. 1, 2003 and received such overwhelming attention that an entirely new engine had to be built to accommodate the traffic. A.G. Productions and Cameron Multimedia are offering viewers of the website the opportunity to see the REAL process of getting a film made by allowing fans to cast their votes for casting decisions, read excerpts from the screenplay as well as director and producer script notes and even read actual production emails via the "Mail Crypt."

Team Xbox has also gotten involved in the project and is helping to drive the Open Source development of the Diamond Dead video game for major gaming platforms. This project will be open to the same types of suggestive development ideas via the official DiamondDead.com site as well as TeamXbox.com.

In addition, Final Draft is going to be an official sponsor of "The Script" (a portion of the site dedicated to screenwriting and the process of writing a movie).

In short, DiamondDead.com may stand up and be counted as one of the most unique entertainment projects to ever go online!

In addition, take a look at George Romero's latest diary entry at the site! CLICK HERE