Even though director Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a few weeks away from hitting theaters, the filmmaker already has the next few years already mapped out. Next month, he starts production on Justice League Part 1, which is set for release on November 11, 2017, before moving on to Justice League Part 2 arriving on June 14, 2019. In between then, he'll serve as a producer on Wonder Woman (June 23, 2017), which is currently filming, The Flash (March 16, 2018) and Aquaman (July 27, 2018), but it seems the filmmaker already has plans for another non-superhero project. During an interview with Bloomberg, the filmmaker teased plans for a biopic on the first U.S. President, George Washington, in the style of his 2006 blockbuster 300.

"We were talking about it. The first thing we asked was, well, how are we going to make it look? I pointed at this painting. It looks like 300. It's not that hard."

The painting the director is referring to is a portrait that hangs in his office, showcasing George Washington crossing the Delaware River before the Battle of Trenton. The filmmaker wouldn't shed any light on the story he would like to tell, but it would likely be set during the Revolutionary War, which is where the 300-style action would certainly come into play. Still, it isn't known if the director has any semblance of a story worked out yet, or if he is working with a screenwriter quite yet.

Zack Snyder certainly would not be the first filmmaker to tackle the Revolutionary War, but this time period hasn't been explored on the big screen in quite some time. Perhaps the most notable Revolutionary War movie is Mel Gibson's 2000 hit The Patriot, with others such as Al Pacino's Revolution and William Daniels' 1776. Jeff Daniels also starred as George Washington in the 2000 A&E TV movie entitled The Crossing, which centered on Washington's Delaware River crossing.

Still, with Zack Snyder's unique style behind the camera, this biopic would most certainly have a visual palate unlike any comparable movie before it. The 2006 stylized blockbuster 300 helped put him on the map, and he continued to show his flair for a unique visual presentation in the movies that followed, such as Watchmen and Sucker Punch. Granted, George Washington and his Revolutionary War soldiers will certainly have a much different wardrobe style than the Spartans of 300, but the filmmaker would still certainly bring something fresh and unique to the table.

Even if this movie does come to fruition, it most likely won't even go into production until after the director's two-part Justice League movie has been completed. Would you like to see Zack Snyder bring his visual flair to the Revolutionary War with a George Washington biopic? Chime in with your thoughts, and we'll be sure to keep you posted with any more details about this project, or on his superhero adventures Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League Part 1 and Justice League Part 2.

George Washington Painting