Netflix has released the first trailer and photo for Gerald's Game, a highly-anticipated adaptation of the 1992 Stephen King novel. With the September 29 premiere just a few weeks away, it remains to be seen how much more footage will be unveiled in the next few weeks, but this adaptation seems to keep this new renaissance of Stephen King's work going, following the high-profile adaptations of The Dark Tower and IT, the later of which hits theaters this weekend. While we'll have to wait and see how fans react to this thriller, it certainly seems to capture the creepy spirit of the novel.

The story centers on Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and Jessie Burlingame as they head to their summer home on a warm weekday in October for a romantic interlude that involves adult games. After being handcuffed to her bedposts, Jessie tires of her husband's games and things take an unexpectedly tragic turn. She's left handcuffed, trapped and alone as painful memories from her childhood bedevil her. Her only company is a hungry stray dog, the voices that populate her mind, and possibly someone watching her from the corner of the dark bedroom.

The trailer, which comes courtesy of Netflix YouTube doesn't showcase any of the supporting cast members quite yet, but the cast is rounded out by Henry Thomas, Carel Struycken, Kate Siegel, Chiara Aurelia and Stu Cookson. The film is directed by Mike Flanagan, who has become a favorite of horror fans as of late, following his critically-acclaimed films such as Absentia, Oculus and last year's Before I Wake and Ouija: Origin of Evil. The filmmaker directs and co-wrote the script with his longtime collaborator Jeff Howard, who he co-wrote Oculus, Before I Wake, Ouija: Origins of Evil and the upcoming I Know What You Did Last Summer remake, which Flanagan is directing.

Trevor Macy produces this Stephen King adaptation, which comes just a month after the author himself revealed in an interview which story of his he'd like to see adapted next, which was Lisey's Story, which he revealed is his favorite novel. Whether or not that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but even if it doesn't, there are more than enough Stephen King stories that are being adapted. Aside from The Dark Tower and IT, there is also a Pet Sematary remake in the works, along with a feature adaptation of Jaunt, a feature remake of The Stand and another remake of Cujo. And that's just on the big screen.

Stephen King's work is also flourishing on the small screen as well, with TV adaptations of The Mist and Mr. Mercedes currently airing, with Castle Rock, an anthology that will tie in multiple Stephen King stories, being developed for Hulu with J.J. Abrams. It's certainly a great time to be a Stephen King fan, and especially a Gerald's Game fan, since, from the looks of this trailer, this adaptation likely won't disappoint longtime Stephen King fans. While we wait for more on Gerald's Game, take a look at the trailer and photo below,