Actor Gerard Butler is setting up a new film to star in produce Slide, a film that is getting a shift in focus from baseball to soccer, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The film, written by Robbie Fox, was originally titled Confessions of a Little League Coach, which centered on a father (Gerard Butler) with a troubled past who seeks to make up for lost time by coaching his son's Little League baseball team. He gets into hot water when the single mothers of his players take an interest in him. Now it's being reported that the film will be reworked and Butler's character will now be coaching a soccer team.

Butler was originally only on board as a producer and now it seems Butler will star in the film as well. Butler will produce the film alongside Kevin Misher and Surrogates director Jonathan Mostow. We reported way back in 2004 that Mostow would direct the film and now it seems that Mostow will only be on board as a producer

Gabriele Muccino is also reportedly interested in directing the film, although it was said scheduling issues still need to be worked out. No production schedule was given for the film.