Gerard Butler is in talks to play Kane in the languishing video game adaptation Kane & Lynch, with Nu Image/Millennium Films issuing an offer to Vin Diesel for the Lynch role. It isn't known if Vin Diesel plans on accepting the offer or not.

The project has been in development since 2007, with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx once attached to play the title characters. The project fell apart in September 2010, when French director Patrick Alessandrin (District 13 Ultimatum) backed away, causing production to be postponed.

Skip Woods (Ten) and Kyle Ward (Machete Kills) wrote the screenplay based on the Eidos Interactive video game. The story follows two death row inmates who are sprung from prison to retrieve a stolen fortune. Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are producing, although it isn't known when shooting may begin.

Gerard Butler most recently starred in the action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen. He is currently gearing up to shoot Gods of Egypt.