The Phantom Of The Opera: In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Gerard Butler talked about his role in Joel Schumacher's upcoming The Phantom Of The Opera:

Butler is to star in the long-awaited film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, and he's been told he needs to be a bit huskier for the lead role. When asked what viewers can expect (aside from a well-built protagonist) in this cinematic take on the wildly successful musical (which is set to start shooting in September), Butler said that the movie will be somewhat less operatic. "There'll be more talking in it, and more of the singing will be [low-key]," he said. "The whole thing is just going to be more pulled down and filmic, where we'll be able to express more subtle emotions, rather than having to belt it out, like on stage. That will be one big advantage of film."

When asked why it's taken so long for Phantom to make it to the screen, Butler said that, to his understanding, it's mostly been a matter of bad timing. "I think there's like 25 different stories," he said. "It was just always things cropping up