Peter Pan (2003):USA Today had an interesting article on the fantasy film Peter Pan due out this Christmas. In Addition to the article they've also posted some great new pictures as well. Here is a clip:

"It's mysterious and dark, and has so much bite and wit," says Fisher, who co-produced Gladiator in 2000. "It's the only story where you can go off on an adventure, be victorious over your father and then come back and climb into his lap."

It wasn't until British actor Jason Isaacs prepared for his dual role as Hook and Mr. Darling that he realized he had never read it. "Like most people, I thought I had," he says. "The book is magnificent, quite violent and shocking in many ways, and works equally well for children and adults."

Isaacs says Barrie describes Neverland as "the drawers in your mind that your mother tidies up when you're asleep." Pulling those drawers open is P.J. Hogan, the Australian director best known for such character-driven comedies as Muriel's Wedding (1994) and My Best Friend's Wedding (1997).

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