Alyssa Milano stars in this TV drama about a young woman who gets involved with the mafia for personal reasons and then sees the end result might not be what she had hoped for. Patty Montanari (Milano) is living on the streets with her mother. Then one day a police officer offers her a meal and they become friends. Well, they become more than friends. They get married and have two sons. But their happily-ever-after is destroyed when he dies, leaving her with a pile of medical and funeral bills. Now, a single mother of two with her own mother living with them, Patty must find a way to keep them all going.

She sees an opportunity and grabs it. And little by little she becomes deeply entrenched with the mafia. But she does this to insure the future of her family. Her family is the most important thing to her, and if her sons are guaranteed a nice life with plenty of money and a nice house, then she will do whatever it takes.

Unfortunately, once she is involved with the mafia, it's hard to extricate herself and she soon realizes that her children are at risk. It is then when she must make the final decision what to do for the safety and well being of her family.

Patty is a smart woman. She's savvy and isn't afraid to confront the big guy (James Caan). Jason Gedrick plays one of the mafia guys and tries to keep Patty safe, but he himself ends up in the same mess as she does.

This is an intense story, and pretty realistic. The executive producer is Joe Pistone, the real FBI agent upon which the film Donnie Brasco was based. Milano is wonderful in this role as a mother devoted to her family who does everything in her power to make sure they have a decent life and a better childhood than she had.

Wisegal premieres Saturday March 15 at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime, with encore presentations on Sunday and Monday at 9 PM ET/PT.