Production has begun on SCI FI Channel's The Phantom, and now you can get a look at the costume designs for the film, including the costume to be worn by Ryan Carnes as Chris Walker/The Phantom. The images come our way via SCI FI Wire and show an updated costume for the character who has been featured in newspaper comic strips for over six decades.

The Phantom Concept Art #1
The Phantom Concept Art #3
The Phantom Concept Art #2

The Phantom is similar to heroes like Batman or the Punisher in that he has no superhuman powers of his own, relying on his own physical skills and strengths, knowledge of weapons, and his wits, to battle evil. The Phantom also relies on the myth of his own immortality, since "The Phantom" has lived for hundreds of years. The truth is that the title of The Phantom is passed down from father to son, with each man pretending to be the same one. The Phantom also uses a trademark skull-headed ring, which leaves "The Mark of the Phantom" on those villains he incapacitates.

SCI FI's version of The Phantom takes the character to the modern day, and in addition to Carnes as Chris Walker, the modern day Phantom, also stars Isabella Rossellini as the villainous Lithia, Cameron Goodman as Chris Walker's love interest, Renny, and Sandrine Holt playing Guran, the Phantom's trusted advisor.

The Phantom will air on the SCI FI Channel sometime in 2010 as a two-night, four-hour movie event. It has been suggested that the film may serve as a backdoor pilot to an ongoing The Phantom series.