The Hallmark Channel is rolling out several original movies this year. The first is a Valentine's story, Love is a Four-Letter Word, which will air February 3. This is a typical story about loving, losing, and getting back together, but with veterans like Donna Mills and Barry Bostwick, along with Teri Polo and Robert Mailhouse, the characters are worth watching.

When a long-married couple Martin and Margot Harper (Mills and Bostwick) decide to divorce, she hires her best friend's daughter Emily Bennett (Polo), one of the best divorce lawyers in the city. At the last minute Martin hires Kenton Rhodes (Mailhouse), the new guy in town. Their court date is just around the corner and the fireworks are not too far behind.

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In the meantime, Emily and Kenton meet at a wedding and are instantly attracted to each other. They don't know that they are both divorce lawyers - until they meet in court the next day. Is this a conflict of interest? Is this a conflict of ethics? What are they to do? They obviously feel something for each other, but they also must protect their clients.

While they wrestle with their personal feelings and desire to be together, Margot and Martin wrestle with their feeling about separation. After forty years they have shared so much. Do they really want to give it up? And, is their love still alive or has it waned through the years? As they deal with their feelings of separation, their attorneys deal with division of their property.

When the secret romance finally comes out, everything gets turned around for all four of them. But this being a Valentine's show, love eventually wins out - for everyone.

Yes, it is a formulaic film. Yes, it has been told before. But Donna Mills and Barry Bostwick make this worthwhile. They still have great screen presence and are fun to watch.