Toys, toys, and more toys! With over $300 million over three weekends at the box office, there's no doubt everyone in the world has seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. But what are you going to do about Pirate withdraw? Apparently, nothing, because audiences across the world have helped the movie break box office records every day.

You know you or your kids are going to miss talking about Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann all day long! So if you can't make it to the theater for a while to check it out again, here's a few things you and your kids will be able to remember the swashbuckling good time!

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From board games to video games to t-shirts to jewelry, you can live, play, look like, and act like Captain Jack! The first has to be the ultimate Battleship game - what other game could you think of that deserves a movie spin-off for ship play! The game includes a multi-level battle grid, and what's special about this version of Battleship is game play rules give ships multiple power options! The game is in stores for ages 8 and older now from Milton Bradley.

Movie PictureYou won't want to leave your house with the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow game for Playstation 2. However, if you have to, there's always the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest game for PSP.

What makes these games great is Johnny Depp lends his voice to play the role of Jack Sparrow. As Captain Jack, players take on enemies with strength, speed, and skills as they progress through the adventure. As far as the PSP game, it's the first time Buena Vista Games has made a video game available for the portable console - and boy do you have fun with everything. The Playstation 2 game is also from Bethesda Softworks in Rockville, Maryland; the only reason I mention that is it's my home state.

However, the game is great! It's a co-op multi-player game as you take on the challenge with friends and play as Jack, Will, and Elizabeth. Anytime you can have a role-playing game in two-player mode, you're going to have a good time! The music in the game makes me want to see the movie again - listening to 'Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirates life for me' still gives me chills; don't know why, but it does. The game is in stores now, rated T for teen.

If playing the Battleship game isn't real enough for your kids, and your kids are just a little too young to play the video game, you can get them the real Black Pearl and action figures of all their favorite characters! Pick up the replica ship with detail that is out of this world in the Black Pearl Playset. That features electronic SFX and lights, firing cannons, collapsing mast, exploding battle damage, captain's quarters and much more workable parts.

The action figures are detailed and sculpted based on the movie's major characters including Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and the evil Davy Jones. The figures have eight points of articulation including the shoulders, elbows, legs, waist and head. I have to say, I have the Will Turner action figure and he looks amazing!

Since everyone's seen the movie, you know the amazing wheel/sword fight that takes place between Captain Jack, Will, and Norrington. Well, you can take that wheel and re-create the battle yourself and build the entire wheel with a 150 piece play set from Mega Bloks. It's a fully buildable action playset with rotating water wheel that ejects from hinge and a buildable mill. The set comes with three exclusive figures including the trio.

Movie Picture

Movie Picture

Have a fish and want an awesome addition to your aquarium? Well, set Jack and Davy Jones at the bottom and wait for the fun to start; your friendly little floating pets won't know what hit them! Check that out in your pet store now.

Movie Picture

Want to look like a pirate? You can buy some really neat jewelry made by some of themake-up artists who were actually on set of the film. There are the Pirates of the Caribbean Rings by Joel Harlow for Lucas Design; Joel got the inspiration from the Pirates cast including Geoffrey Rush. He also created a series of pieces to symbolize each character from Jolly Roger to Davy Jones. The designs are so amazing, the cast and crew picked up a couple rings for themselves while shooting the flick down in the Bahamas. They range in price from $300 for the silver rings and $1500 for the gold; you can pick out all kinds of styles at Tiara 2 at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California and at the Disney Shopping website.

Movie PictureOther jewelry that you can order for Holiday time, also from Lucas Design, is the Disney Couture Pirates of the Caribbean jewelry collection is Pirates-inspired featuring rings formed of bent swords, pendants inspired by locks or keys and delicate chains interspersed with antique pistols. The prices range from $65 to $250.

Ok, you can't have the Pirates of the Caribbean jewelry without the Pirates clothes - tons of t-shirts for guys and girls with the slickest designs from the film from licensees Mighty Fine for Disney Couture and Jerry Leigh. They combine the skull and cross bone symbols from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with high-quality fabrics, unique appliqués and embellishments and vintage washes to create high-end t-shirts that fit into the current Pirate fashion trend. I've got one of the coolest designs - it's a black shirt (tagless) with the neatest skull and cross bones design. You can pick them up at Hot Topic from $20-$50.

So you've got the toys, you've got the Mega Bloks, the Pirates of the Caribbean aquarium set, the Battleship game, and you're all dressed for success. Basically you know what you have to do - go out and get all 'pirated up' with all the goodies! The toys, games, jewelry, and other clothes are in stores now and on the Disney Shopping website. You can buy the video games at all stores, rated 'T' for Teen.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is in theaters now; it's rated PG-13.