This show about an illegal cross country car race has the potential of being a big hit. The contestants are in the race for different reasons. Some are in it for personal reasons and others are in it for the prize money. But whatever the reason they're all in for some twists and turns as they travel from Florida to California with only cryptic clues to guide them from one point to the next.

The rumors of a $32 million prize for first place is enough to get many people into the race, however with the price of gas these days, a big chunk of the winnings will be eaten up by the cost of the fuel!

The cast is large, which can be difficult when writing storylines. Tim Minear, the executive producer, creator and writer on the show explains that the characters are "all involved in this race. So you have this unifying situation where all the characters have a similar goal. But they all have different reasons for that goal, and then the individual character stories are their own stories, so they're interconnecting." He continues, "We don't service every story in every episode, so usually one or two threads might fall out in an episode and then return in the following episode."

The show relies on flashbacks to fill in the gaps of the characters' lives. When asked about this Minear says, "When we first started working this out, I said, 'We're not going to do flashbacks because "Lost" does flashbacks.' And now I'm saying, 'I will use absolutely any narrative tool that will help me,' so yes, flashbacks, flash forwards. What we won't probably be doing is time travel."

Being a mid-season replacement, the season for the show is cut short. This puts the writers in a difficult situation. "It we weren't mid-season, 22 (episodes) would be from a start to a finish, the beginning to a finish line. What we have found is that 13 (episodes isn't) enough to get me to the end of one of these races. So what we're going to do is, we're going to get you to a natural stopping point at 13, and when we come back, we will finish the race. And because it's 13, and then if we get picked up for a real season, the real finish line might be at nine as opposed to the next 22."

Drive is filled with drama, hooks, twists and turns. The series premiers on FOX Sunday April 15 with a two-hour episode and follows with a one hour episode on Monday April 16.

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