This modern fairy tale is definitely not your average princess story. Princess Ithaca (Nora Zehetner) lives in a big castle and wears all the regular princess fashions, like fancy gowns and beautiful tiaras. She never goes outside of the castle grounds, and once a year hosts a charity ball for endangered species. The people of the town think she is just a strange recluse, and definitely eccentric, but Princess Ithaca is hiding a very big secret.

When William (Kip Pardue) comes to town to visit his old school friends, he meets the Princess at the charity event and their lives are altered forever. Princess Ithaca thinks he is someone sent to help her with her secret, and William, being fascinated by this woman, plays along with the charade. He pretends to be the "Searcher" she is waiting for. But what or who is he supposed to be searching for?

Because he is falling in love with her, he keeps up the charade and persuades her to venture out into the town with him to help search for whatever it is he is supposed to be searching for. There is a bond between the two, and for the first time Princess Ithaca leaves the safe surroundings of her castle and goes out among the people. Her na&#239ve innocence is charming, but William soon discovers that there is really something important he is supposed to be finding and she is adamant that they find a certain girl very soon, or it will be too late. But too late for what?

When he discovers the truth, and because of his feelings for Princess Ithaca, William tells her that he is not the man she thinks he is, not wanting to lead her on any longer. At first the princess is furious, telling William that he has put a lot of lives in danger because of his deception. But could he be the searcher without knowing he is?" True love wins out. After all, this is a fairy tale. And not only a fairy tale about a Princess and the man she loves, but it has everything else too. Unicorns, pixies, fantasy and magic all come together in this story of mythical proportions.

Princess - A Modern Fairy Tale premieres Sunday April 20 at 8 PM ET/PT on ABC Family.