Ernest Borgnine just turned 90 years old and is still going strong! Borgnine stars as Bert O'Reilly in this delightful holiday movie about a man who has been estranged from his daughter Marie (Tracy Nelson) for almost her entire life. When Marie has an accident, the authorities locate Bert to take custody of Becca (Juliette Goglia), the granddaughter he never knew he had. While Marie is in a coma, Becca becomes acquainted with Bert and his colorful friends. Bert, a former entertainer, is surrounded by some wonderful friends who take an interest in Becca, especially when she is going to perform in her school's talent show. And when the school discovers the pool of talent with the retired entertainers, they are all enlisted to help out. With all the show-biz veterans, the school show is bound to be a hit, and so will Becca. This girl can sing!

Meanwhile, nine-year-old Becca finally gets some stability in her life and Bert gets the family he always wanted. But will he lose Becca once Marie wakes up?

This is a typical heart-warming holiday story that will definitely please viewers. Borgnine is terrific with Goglia. They make a fun team filled with both excitement as well as talent. Look for more from this young girl. She has talent oozing out of every pore.

A Grandpa for Christmas premiers Saturday November 24 at 9 PM on the Hallmark Channel.