With the end of the year rapidly approaching, that means awards season is starting to heat up, and today we have word that one of the year's surprise box office hits could be a big awards season contender as well. Universal's Get Out, from first-time director Jordan Peele, will compete in the comedy categories for the Golden Globes this year, which could certainly be to the movie's advantage moving forward. This move could place Get Out, which has already been called the most profitable movie of 2017, in a position to land nominations for its main star, Daniel Kaluuya, and possibly for writer-director Jordan Peele as well.

Awards season pundits have already pegged Get Out as a likely contender, but the movie competing in the comedy category could allow Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya to be nominated alongside likely contenders in the comedy/musical category like Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman on Earth}), Steve Carell (Battle of the Sexes), Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) and James Franco (The Disaster Artist). While it seems unlikely that Get Out supporting stars like Allison Williams, Caleb Landry Jones, LilRel Howrey, Bradley Whitford or Catherine Keener could be nominated in the Supporting categories, it's possible that Jordan Peele could score nominations for writing or directing.

The Comedy/Musical categories have always been the source of mild controversy come awards season, with recent movies like The Martian and The Wolf of Wall Street, which are neither musical nor comedy movies, being placed in that category. When Leonardo Di Caprio won Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for The Wolf of Wall Street, he even thanked his "fellow comedians" such as Bruce Dern (Nebraska), Christian Bale (American Hustle), Joaquin Phoenix (Her) and Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) during his acceptance speech. This year, though, if the aforementioned films are in fact nominees in the comedy.musical categories, they are all legitimately comedies or musicals, even Get Out, which while it is a horror film at heart, still has plenty of comedic elements. This horror-comedy hybrid element could be one of the reasons why it had an unprecedented 100% on Rotten Tomatoes going into its opening weekend.

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It's also worth noting that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which runs the Golden Globes, has a much smaller voting body than the Academy, with the HFPA comprised of about 90 foreign journalists, which, when paired with the dual categories for drama and comedy/musical, leads to a more diverse slate of nominees. Get Out was one big reason why 2017 was the biggest year for horror movies in box office history, along with the success of Annabelle: Creation and IT, which became the first horror movie ever to cross $300 million at the domestic box office. Still, neither of those other movies are being touted as awards season favorites like Get Out is.

Ironically, back in May, the MTV Movie Awards put together a spoof video that depicted Get Out as a romantic comedy, which debuted just days before the awards ceremony. It's worth noting that Get Out did win two MTV Movie Awards this summer, with LilRel Howrey winning for Best Comedic Performance, playing Rod Williams, the TSA agent best friend of Daniel Kaluuya's Chris Washington, with Kaluuya taking home the Next Generation Award. While the MTV Movie Awards are never usually any sort of awards-season indicator, it's worth noting that the Academy invited a record-breaking 774 new members into its ranks as part of its sweeping diversity initiative, and it wouldn't be surprising if Get Out ends up becoming a dark horse Oscar contender as well. Get Out opened with a surprising $33.4 million, en route to a $253.4 million worldwide gross from just a $4.5 million budget. Entertainment Weekly broke the news about Get Out competing as a comedy, and hopefully we'll have more on the movie's awards season chances.